The Art of Expedition is an environmental project led by photographer Jennifer Wilcox.  The aim is to bring awareness to those elements which are essential for survival: air, water, heat, shelter and food. By talking about these things, TAoE wants to bring attention to the energy that goes into producing these things.


I chose to form a single element to represent all of these by creating symbols for each and combining them. The hand symbol formed naturally and worked well with the idea of man's impact on these elements being something each of us has control over.

As part of the project, TAoE took part in EAFS (Environmental Arts Festival Scotland). Artist and maker Uula Jero embarked on the reconstruction of an Inuit kayak from a skeleton frame, giving means of transport to undertake an expedition.


Information posts were created by etching designs onto steel plates. These were then used as orienteering stations around Kettleton Resevoir.